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managing major works

big surprises are rarely a good thing in block management

The majority of major works needed for a block of flats can (and should) be planned for in advance.

In fact, to be compliant with the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985/87, it is the responsibility of the management company or freeholder to do exactly that – plan ahead, consult with tenants and set aside funds for major works so that nobody gets landed with a huge bill out of the blue.

Planning meeting to schedule major works
Painter completing major works

how we do it

As a Building Management company, it’s a key part of our job to help residential block owners plan and manage whatever major works are necessary to keep their building in tip-top condition. This includes cyclical building maintenance projects, like exterior painting or lift refurbishment, but also one-off works like installing a new security system.

  • Regular site inspections
  • Consulting residents and keeping people in the loop
  • Arranging surveyors
  • Preparing long-term capital expenditure plans
  • Careful budgeting and fund management – avoiding the need for big one-off bills
  • Ensuring compliance with Health and Safety Legislation
  • Appointing a Construction, Design and Management (CDM) Co-ordinator where needed

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