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complaints procedure

when things go wrong

If something has gone wrong and you’re not happy, we really appreciate you telling us, so that we can try to fix it.

Under the RICS Rules of Conduct, we are required to have an open and clear complaints procedure, so that you know how we will handle your feedback.

our complaints procedure

stage 1 - initial stage

1.1  We have appointed Jess Parmar to deal with complaints. She is based full time at our office in Elstree. If you have a question, or would like to make a complaint please do not hesitate to contact her.

We are happy to discuss your concerns initially by phone (please call 0208 236 1270), but if you wish to make a formal complaint then we would also ask you to put this in writing to:

Jess Parmar
Chief Operations Officer

PBM Limited
395 Centennial Park
Centennial Avenue

1.2  Once we receive your written complaint, Jess (or a nominated senior manager) will log the complaint and contact you to acknowledge receipt. This normally happens within 10 days of receiving your letter.

We’ll confirm our understanding of your case and invite you to make any further comments relevant to the case. Jess will also inform the senior managers at pbm and, if necessary, our professional indemnity insurers. We will then investigate the issues you raise.

1.3  Normally, within 28 days of receiving your initial written complaint, Jess will then write to you, letting you know the outcome of our internal investigations and outlining the actions we have taken, or will take next.

1.4  Once resolved, the complaint is closed and any lessons learned will be shared and discussed with our employees.

1.5 If you are still not satisfied after the last stage of the in-house complaint procedure (or more than 8 weeks has elapsed since the complaint was first made) you can request an independent review from The Property Ombudsman (Property Redress Scheme) without charge.  Please see Stage 2 below.

Stage 2 – redress mechanism

If you are not happy with how your complaint is handled, then the following options for independent review or arbitration are available. This is not an exhaustive list, but these are the schemes that are approved by RICS.

2.1 Consumer complaint
Where the complaint is made by a consumer (a person acting outside the course of any business of his, or a person to whom a duty of care is owed), then the redress mechanism is free. Please contact the Property Redress Scheme.

Write to: Property Redress Scheme, Premiere House, 1st Floor, Elstree Way, Borehamwood, WD6 1JH.
Phone: 0333 321 9418

2.2 Business complaint

Where the complaint is made by or on behalf of a business, we would refer the matter to arbitrators selected via RIBA, RICS or the CIA.

If you need more information about dispute resolution, or want to clarification on your rights or the process outside of our complaints procedure, please visit or contact the RICS Dispute Resolution Service on 0207 334 3806 or email

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