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block management services

we think that apartment living should be bright, safe and easy

Flat residents should be able to enjoy their home and feel proud of where they live. But sadly, without the right block management services in place, a home can quickly turn from a haven into a headache. And that’s no fun for anyone.

Who wants to live in an apartment block that looks unloved, with peeling paint, overflowing bins or overgrown gardens? Nobody.

Who enjoys having a regular dispute with their neighbours over parking or having to query service charges every year? Nobody.

A good block management company will ensure that kind of stuff doesn’t happen. A great property management company goes one step further and takes care of your building as if it were their own.

Guess what type of company we are?

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Team meeting on block management

people make places

At PBM, we think flat management is about so much more than buildings. It’s about people too. Of course, we take care of all the practical things as standard:

But, we also put people at the heart of our business.
We take good care of our people so that they can do the best possible job for you.


how we work

We know that having brilliant relationships with owners, residents and all of our maintenance suppliers is what will keep your building running like clockwork.

Property Management, the PBM way, is about creating cared for spaces and happy homes, so that your apartment block really is a desirable place to live and every pound works really hard towards keeping it that way.

How We Work
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