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Promoting Wellbeing: Creating a Kinder, Healthier, and Sustainable Workplace

Premier Block Management is on cloud nine, basking in the glorious afterglow of their recent triumph at the 2023 ARMA Ace Awards. The whole team is beaming with pride and delight, and you can practically feel the positive energy radiating through the office.

Customer experience counts: how data is transforming the customers’ property journey

Flexibility in communication channels is common place in many sectors but is not yet the norm for the property sector. Jess Parmar, Chief Operations Officer and IRPM Board Director, discusses in this whitepaper with other industry experts, the ways in which we can use technology to support the transition from a primarily technical operation into a more customer facing business. One that puts customer service at its centre, empowering residents and promoting wellbeing.

PBM’s Jess Parmar talks to IRPM about the lessons learned in lockdown

Coronavirus and the lockdown have changed how we work, perhaps forever. Our Chief Operating Officer, Jess Parmar, joins other industry experts to discuss how Covid19 has impacted on the property management sector and what PBM has been doing in this unprecedented times.

PBM’s Gary Cane talks to BDC magazine about what drives the business

PBM prides itself on being different. We recruit and engage a best in class team that are aligned with our purpose of delivering cared for spaces, happy homes and better value for our customers.

PBM’s Gary Cane talks to BDC magazine about right to manage

Premier Block Management provides the complete package of services one might expect from an agent, including: site inspections, fund management and budgeting, service charge management, residential facility maintenance, compliance, and also major works.

Buy to let investors told: buy properties with high service charges

A property management company is taking the unusual approach of suggesting to buy to let investors that they purchase properties with huge service charges - and then change the status.

New research shows that Landlords can reduce service charges by setting up a Right to Manage company

Research undertaken by property management company PBM has revealed that 63% of under 35s are put off purchasing a new build home

Leasehold scandals deter buyers wanting new-builds – claim

A survey of owners has revealed that recent leasehold scandals have deterred many would-be buyers from considering new build homes.

Leasehold service charges, how fair and reasonable are they? Research from PBM

An investigation into perceptions and understanding of service charges and the issue of Right to Manage among leaseholders in London.

Property Reported: Majority of Londoners have buyers remorse due to high leasehold charges

A new survey of leaseholders in the capital has shed light on their feelings towards their tenure...

Showhouse: High service charges deter Londoners from buying new builds

Over half of Londoners regret buying their home due to high leasehold service charges, according to a new survey.

News on the Block Over half of Londoners regret buying their home due to high leasehold service charges

A survey of 1,000 London homeowners has uncovered some stark findings, revealing that many leaseholders are disillusioned with the lack of transparency...

Mortgage Stragegy: Over half of London owners regret buying leasehold

Over half of London home owners regret buying their property due to high leasehold service charges, according to a new survey

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