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golders green, london

It’s not always the case that clients come to us with a catalogue of major problems that need fixing. Sometimes, the decision to choose pbm is simply about feeling well looked after.

When we took over the management in 2015, this small residential block in Golders Green, London, was in pretty good shape. However, the friendly group of residents, several of whom are elderly, simply weren’t feeling the love from their incumbent property manager. There was no rapport, day to day concerns about the block weren’t being heard and there was no attention to the little details.

The little things mean the most.

We take a proactive approach to property management, so that small issues don’t become big ones. We visit each of our blocks at least four times a year to listen to residents and keep a keen eye out for potential problems. Here, that makes all the difference.

By paying attention to the little details, we were able to spot and fix a single loose tile on the roof before it led to a leak. By being accessible, we could resolve a problem with the TV signal in just a few hours. By listening to what’s important, we can ensure that residents see their favourite flowers in the window boxes.

Our dedicated property manager has even offered to pick up shopping for one elderly resident to save her having to venture out in the snow. This degree of thoughtfulness says a lot about the kind of service you can expect from us.

At PBM, we go the extra mile as standard.

Why? Because we’re human too and we believe that people make places.


  • £15K p.a saved by eliminating the need for an onsite porter
  • Extra safety measures put in place to support elderly residents (e.g gritting pathways)
  • Positive relationship built with residents
  • Proactive management ensured money was saved and future problems prevented
  • Issues were resolved quickly and efficiently, often on the day it was reported

What do our customers say about us?

“I am always comfortable recommending the PBM team to my clients, as they do what it says in their title. Perhaps the name should be changed to Problems Being Managed!”

Annandale Freehold Director

“I have found PBM to be willing to listen to our concerns and act on suggestions.  The block is well managed and kept in good repair. Public areas are kept clean, tidy and well maintained. In fact, visitors to my flat have commented on the building and say that it’s the best in the area!. I would highly recommend pbm”


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