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wembley, london

When you live in a shared apartment block, you expect that the little things will be taken care of, as well as the big ones.

We took over the management of development in Wembley in 2013 and found it in a sorry state. Little things like post, rubbish bins and parking, were becoming big problems and wasting money.

a job worth doing well

At pbm we like to look for the better way and at this site that meant pushing for higher standards from contractors and securing better value for the services that were badly needed. It meant being there to keep on top of the small issues before they became big headaches.

By re-tendering and re-organising maintenance contracts, we guaranteed a better service for the future and saved money for the here and now. The day to day issues with rubbish collections, cleaning, letterboxes, parking and lifts that had been plaguing residents, were all resolved quickly and with the minimum of fuss.,

At pbm, we ensure things run smoothly and we enhance value. Why? Because if you look after the pennies, the pounds take care of themselves.


  • Attractive development of 108 apartments
  • Day to day maintenance issues resolved through diligent tendering of contracts
  • Annual saving of £1300 made on the cleaning contract (same hours, better service, lower rate!)
  • Annual saving of 26% made on the lift maintenance contract (better service at a lower rate!)
  • Internal redecoration project smartened up the block and was completed on budget
  • Regular contact established with residents to catch and solve issues quickly

What do our customers say about us?

“I think pbm do a good job in extremely difficult circumstances. The block is overwhelmingly filled with tenants and their habits are anti-social in the extreme in many cases, making the task of managing the site very challenging. The people I deal with, Georgia Woolveridge in particular, are extremely professional and handle the many difficulties with patience, skill and good grace.”

Resident Management Company Director

PBM 2019 | T: 020 8236 1270