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hackney, london

pbm Property Management was selected to take over the management of a collection of 282 riverside apartments in Hackney.

The building is located in a well-developed area full of edgy shops, markets, art and culture spots, pubs and local eateries. Transport connectively is great. Hackney’s vibrancy is what makes it one of London’s most sought-after places to live.

In recent years, Hackney has changed from one of London’s least-loved boroughs to one of its most. Regeneration has seen the emergence of a new cultural quarter in Hackney. There’s a cluster of village neighbourhoods with friendly local high streets, independent shops, and strong community ties.

Key features include:

  • Balconies & roof terraces
  • On site caretaker
  • Unique view and open space overlooking River Lea

What kind of property management company were the RMC directors looking for?

The RMC directors were looking for a company with a very proactive professional approach and a proven track of success in customer service and communication, and they found in pbm the perfect partner to take care of their homes.

What improvements have made pbm since they took over the management?

When we took over the management, there was a rather significant flood claim because of drains getting overfilled in heavy rain; this caused great damage and left several lifts out of service; just 2 months into managing the block, we had the bulk of the remedial works underway, and they were completed in a record period of time.

We have also increased our panel of contractors and ensured the staff are aligned with our head office and are working to key performance indicators reducing the complaints about standards drastically.

There has also been a huge amount of positive feedback thanking us for the work done in the process of the building insurance renewal.

pbm has also worked hard to improve relations with the housing associations on site and in doing so has removed several legacy problematic residents from the estate which in turn has reduced outside anti-social behaviour.

Overall, the residents are delighted with the improvements we have made, but they are incredibly pleased with our communication and levels of response. They know what is going on in the development and are very happy to be constantly informed.

These are comments from some of the residents…

“Really impressive with you guys, the communication, the solutions and how you navigated through the insurance issues.” Ms SP

“Alex was extremely helpful, professional, very experienced and able to share some valuable knowledge about my apartment.” Ms A

PBM 2019 | T: 020 8236 1270