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brent, london

Most people want to feel proud of where they live. Lacklustre gardens, peeling paintwork, broken lifts and overflowing bins just don’t cut the mustard.

When we took over the management in 2010, it was only five years old but already looking rough around the edges. It was a development in need of some serious TLC.

a good dose of TLC

Finding practical solutions to property problems is what we do best. So, with a close eye on securing better value, we tendered the cleaning contracts, gave the lifts a serious overhaul and completed extensive redecoration works.

and it’s the little touches that make a difference

Like tracking down the original landscape gardener to re-plant a lush outdoor space and involving residents in decisions about the ongoing care of their homes.

at pbm we create cared for spaces

Why? Because it brings people together. And that makes us feel good.


  • Modern development of 70 apartments
  • Formal maintenance contracts tendered and agreed
  • Cosmetic, waste management and flooding issues resolved
  • Full refurbishment of lifts completed on time and on budget
  • Capital expenditure budgets planned
  • Formal recognition of the Residents Association obtained
  • All major maintenance contracts tendered

“In spite of the challenges we faced and the problems we have experienced, we are very pleased to say that since PBM were appointed there has been a significant improvement in the overall management service. We have found PBM to be a professional and accomplished firm who continues to deliver a service we had not previously received from any of our former managers.”

Residents committee member

PBM 2019 | T: 020 8236 1270