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brent, london

The royal sounding name of this 37 unit block suggests top quality apartment living with all the bells and whistles. However, the crown had slipped by the time we took over management of this London development in 2014.

A lack of diligent planning and a poor record of maintenance had put this bright, modern block in a technological and financial pickle.  High-spec equipment was failing, service charges were falling short and the block was woefully under-valued and under-insured.

keeping the house in order

We work hard to protect the long-term value of the properties that we manage. For the Regal Building that meant a major upgrade of all the broken tech, including the TV satellite system, car park ventilation, cold water booster pumps, waste pumps and electric gates.

Through careful financial planning and working closely with the right to manage company, we successfully recovered the cost of these vital repairs, completed a full programme of external redecoration and brought the block back to its former glory in just two years.

At pbm, we maximize the value of property and create happy homes.

Why? Because there is nothing more important than a good, safe and secure home.


  • Major technical overhaul of faulty equipment
  • External redecoration complete
  • Budget deficit recovered and services charges stabilized
  • Property revalued at £2.5m more and insurance adjusted accordingly
  • Positive relationship built with Resident Management Committee
  • Future plans already in place for energy saving measures

“Our pbm property manager always goes out of his way to do the best he can. His response times are good and his attitude is always friendly and helpful”

Regal resident

PBM 2019 | T: 020 8236 1270