meet the team

it's the people that matter

At PBM we believe that property management is about so much more than buildings. It’s about people too. That’s why we put brilliant people at the centre of our business and take action to keep them motivated and engaged.

We currently employ 28 people (16 in the office and 12 who work on site at our various managed developments).

The single biggest reason our customers come back to us again and again is our people. We know this because we asked. We are human and personable and we really care. This is reflected in our work and in every interaction you have with us. We value our relationships and our customers. We know that this isn’t just a building to you or the community within your development, it is a home. We work really hard to make sure you will always be able to speak to someone you know… we don’t pass the buck… and we have very clear values that we live and breathe every day.

keeping the engine running

We go the extra mile to make sure PBM is a great place to work and the end result is an extremely high staff retention rate. We continue to invest in our team and are a proud member of Investors in People, meaning everyone here has the opportunity to learn new things, to be heard when they’ve got something to say and to be rewarded for a job well done.

By finding and keeping really talented people, we are investing in the future success of the business. What that really means is that we’ll be here to provide you with a consistent level of support today, tomorrow and years from now.

Shushanik Sargsyan MIRPM

Head of Client Services

Richard Gibbs

Property Manager

Aside from wanting the world to only eat chocolate, Richard’s favourite ever purchase is a travel pillow. Clearly, sleeping is a passion for Richard as given the choice, he would love to be able to freeze time and then sleep as long as he liked.

Important fact. As a child, Richard once poured a bucket of golf balls down a hill and smashed everyone’s windows.

DDI: 020 3869 8113

Alex Wilson AIRPM

Property Manager

Alex has always harboured a hankering for a superpower. It’s teleportation. Just so she can miss all commuter traffic and be onsite in the blink of an eye. Then again, she would love to have the Dalai Lama over as a dinner guest because she’s heard he’s funny. So go figure.

Important fact. Alex hates mushrooms. “Why eat a food that’s more closely related to athlete’s foot than a carrot?``

DDI: 020 3869 8109

Duncan Kreeger

Non Executive Director

Growing up, Duncan was a serial car crasher until he bought a classic Porche 911 and became a model driver for some strange reason. We’re all waiting for Duncan’s party invite. 9am start and then go on forever.

Important fact. Wants to know why kids aren’t allowed to eat bubble gum

Lucy Greene

Service Charge Accountant

For some impossible reason Lucy likes to iron bedding. Not so surprising when we then learned that if she could start any cult what would it be? A cult of midnight cleaners having fun just going out cleaning things. Right. Whatever.

Important fact. Dream dinner party: recreating the party from 'This is The End'.

DDI: 020 3869 8104

Ben Green MIRPM AssocRICS

Senior Property Manager

When he was younger Ben bought a pair of fake snakeskin shoes and in all honesty, his dress sense hasn’t improved much. Mind you, he knows how to throw a party: he would have Gordon Ramsay cooking the food, Richard Pryor doing the entertainment and the Rolling Stones providing the music.

Important fact. Ben’s favourite quote is: ``Do, or do not. There is no try`` by Yoda, because there’s no middle ground. You either do it or you don't.

DDI: 020 3869 8111

Giorgia Woolveridge MIRPM

Property Manager

Bearing in mind Giorgia gave herself concussion once by bending down to the bathroom and smacking her head on the sink, she’s thankfully managed to navigate PBMs bathroom without injury so far! Perhaps that’s why 'Ain’t No Mountain High Enough' is her favourite song, she’s always reaching upwards these days.

Important fact. She hates butterflies but doesn’t know why

DDI: 020 3869 8107

Amelia Mardle

Operations Supervisor

Amelia must be the only person in the world who can suffer a carpet burn in a handstand competition. Perhaps these sublime gymnast skills came from wearing 2 inch glitter heels when she was 7 years old.

Important fact. Amelia wants to start a puppy cult. Who doesn’t love puppies!

DDI: 020 3869 8101

Sid Mirza

Service Manager

Sid narrowly escaped prosecution when he was three when he stole his mum’s rolling pin and hit his sleeping dad on the head. To this day Sid still regrets choosing to order an all-day breakfast with no chips. Lucky there was no rolling pin handy.

Important fact. Sid really dislikes loud chewing

DDI: 020 3869 8110

Sarabjeet Bhoday

Chief Finance Officer

Sarabjeet considers his finest ever purchase was a slide rule. So it’s surprising he ever had the time to enjoy Indian Raaga music growing up. Music Sarabjeet, that’s a collection of tax-free notes........

Important fact. Question: If you threw a party, what would it be. Answer: Is it in the budget?

Gary Cane MIRPM AssocRICS

Managing Director

From being a budding Houdini when he was young (being sent to his room, escaping and coming in through the front door) Gary progressed to wearing a small leather man bag as a fashion accessory and ridiculed by all his friends. Clearly not the fashionista he thought he was.

Important fact. ``It’s better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation`` – favorite quote by Herman Melville

DDI: 020 3869 8100

Riquelle Hughes

Service Manager

Riquelle is a natural gymnast in her head, convincing the rest of her is the problem. Mind you, if she had the psychic superpower she craves she might find out why she hates cucumbers so much. Then again, her favourite quote is from Nelson Mandela: “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Cue cucumber eating!

Important fact. Best song in the soundtrack to her life? 'Keep Ya Head Up' by Tupac.

DDI: 020 3869 8108

Amie Crawford

Service Manager

Amie’s obsession with the smell of coconuts has led her to only using coconut--smelling hand anti-bacterial. Then again, she used to regularly dip her hand into butter and sugar and then lick it all off, so no wonder she needs hand gel.

Important fact. Amie thinks pugs are the cutest dogs in the world.

DDI: 020 3869 8112

Trudy Anson

Fund Manager

Trudy’s always been a skilled social climber, probably because she was so successful climbing trees when she was growing up. This height obsession is no doubt why, given a bottomless budget, she’d throw a party at the top of the Burg Al Arab for all her girlfriends

Important fact. Trudy hates white cars.

DDI: 020 3869 8103

Charlotte Spivack

Portfolio Administrator

Charlotte hates English breakfast tea. Fair enough. Then again, she thinks wearing a leopard print onesie is a fashion statement, so to be honest, we’re not entirely convinced about her taste in anything.

Important fact. Charlotte thinks worrying doesn’t take away tomorrow’s troubles; it only takes away today’s peace.

DDI: 020 3869 8102

Sam Morris

Sales Executive

Sam has a big thing for watches. All shapes, all sizes. Honestly, how many ways do you need to tell the time? He also yearns to be fluent in every language. Probably only needs to learn “how much is the watch please.”

Important fact. Cheesy music rocks!

DDI: 020 3869 8105

we know what matters

cared for spaces, create happy homes. Everything we do, we do so that our customers can enjoy the environment that they live in. Every development is different. We take time to understand what matters to each individual customer and provide a service geared to their specific needs.

we look for the better way

‘that will do’ is never something you hear us say. We are solution-focused, looking below the surface of any challenge to find the best resolution. We are open to ideas and work hard to solve problems in a way that best suits all involved.

we know what good feels like

we are ambitious individuals and constantly challenge ourselves to improve. We continually  invest in our skills so we can all add value, whatever our role and we celebrate as a team the good times, and learn from the bad.

we make it easy

we give our customers a voice, acting as the trusted mediator between decision makers and those affected. We take the hassle and complexity out of property management, using straightforward language to inform and engage our customers.

we remain human

our business is a people business. We listen, empathise, and acknowledge putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes. We embrace the unique personalities of our colleagues and lead by example. We do not hide mistakes and we do not point the finger. We keep our promises.