Portal Registration

    This agreement is made on (date) :


    (1) pbm property management (We or us); and


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    1. These words and phrases have defined meanings:


    the lease of premises at

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    under which you are the tenant
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    2. We have considered your request to receive demands by e-mail to the following e-mail address

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    which we are prepared to do. By doing so, you waive any right to assert non – service in accordance with the manner stipulated in the lease. Additionally, by accepting service of demands by this manner you are accepting that the demand will be treated as having been validly served upon delivery to us on our electronic mail system of a ‘delivery receipt’.

    We cannot accept any responsibility for the fact that another person other than the actual addressee of the demand may have read, moved or deleted the email without you having seen it.

    We reserve the right, should we choose to do so, to also serve demands by the method set out in the lease, as well as by your designated electronic method.

    Your covenants

    3. You covenant with us that if you change your email address then you must advise us immediately and request again for a waiver of postal service method to your new email address.

    This agreement has today been duly signed and delivered on the following date

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