pbm stories
Story #1 Savings winning story
by Alice

6th January 2022

Alice has a winning story on savings for one of our developments in Hackney

We started managing this residential development only a few months ago. With every new building we take on, a designated team speaks with the contractors on-site, whether the cleaners, lift companies, pest control, etc., to introduce ourselves, build a relationship and ultimately setting expectations to deliver the best service and value to our customers.

“Following a call with the pest control company, I have been able to save the site £307 per quarter, which totals around £921 reduction per annum, just purely by taking the time to get to know the contractors, go through anything they need from us and ask for a reduction as a loyalty reward” – Alice says.

It’s not just the hundreds and thousands we focus on. It’s taking the time to think about how we manage things as though it were our own home. It’s adding up the pennies and pounds to create better value wherever we can.

“In addition to the above, I also contacted the elevator company to remove the 3-month termination if we were ever to retain the contract. So I also got savings on the termination fee and disposed of immediately once a new contractor had been appointed. Win-Win for the site overall! I will also continue doing this with other sites such as Lion Wharf, where I got a 30% discount off again by asking to remove the call-out charge. If you don’t ask, you don’t get!” Alice added.

–       Because we know what great service looks like.-