Premier block management takes over 83 unit block in Berkshire

5th December 2019

Premier Block Management (PBM), has taken over as property managers for an 83 unit block of apartments in Berkshire.

The block was struggling with many issues; from security and anti-social behaviour, cleaning and maintenance problems, and parking complaints to CCTV, service charge and budgetary issues; and were unhappy with their existing property management company.

PBM has been brought in to manage the block and deal with the many issues facing the leaseholders. The most important changes will focus around making the property more secure, providing a safer place to live for residents. PBM will also take control of managing the budget and finances in a clear, efficient manner making sure any maintenance issues are dealt with quickly and cost effectively. Residents will be kept well informed and communication for the entire block improved.

“We’ve recently taken over the management of this block and are working hard with the management committee and residents to ensure a smooth transition, as we aim to get as many of the existing issues resolved as fast as possible.” said Gary Cane, Managing Director of PBM. “We pride ourselves on being transparent, communicating clearly and most importantly keeping our customers happy. We look forward to making this block a happier place for everyone to live. ”