Why is pbm considered a great place to work?

30 September 2021

At pbm we are focus on the well-being of our team. We believe happy employees result in happy customers.

For us, it is essential to maintain our levels of employee engagement and motivation as high as possible. Therefore, we use Officevibe, an online platform that helps us build better relationships with our people and create the conditions for great work, getting the full picture of our team’s needs, successes, and pains.

Our latest overall engagement scored 8.3 on a scale of 10, with 91% of employee participation. In addition, Officevibe allows comparing pbm results with other industries in terms of recognition, relationship with peers and managers, satisfaction, wellness, happiness, personal growth, among other indicators. We are proud to say that our latest results showed an average of 8.2 points compared with 7.7 scored by overall industries.

But, how do we get this?

Having a Clarity of Mission and Vision

We are focused on strategy and have clearly defined our business goals. Our company’s vision and mission statement do not just adorn letterhead or the employee handbook; our team understand and are devoted to them. At pbm we are aligned with the business strategy, promote innovation and growth, especially during challenging periods, and build structures and processes that sustain performance over time. Becoming the best means getting our employees to commit to the short-and long-term goals that define our company’s success.

With Employee Engagement

Listening to our employees, giving them the tools, skills and resources to perform well and implementing employee ideas that drive our company’s success are behaviours designed to increase employee engagement. We believe that if our employees are motivated to come to work each day, productivity increases.

Our main focus is to provide an excellent work-life balance and allow our employees to manage their own time; as a result, we have fully involved employees and dedicated to company success.