How dreams come true

11th November 2021

When a different kind of property management is possible.

By Gary Cane.

When we started the company 12 years ago, we dreamed of a new kind of property management, a new way of doing things. My background (working for several different sized property management companies) helped me grow and gain experience in the industry, and most importantly, it made me understand what is really vital for the customers. With that dream, we created PBM Property Management, inspired to look for the better way. Since we started PBM, we still have the same passion, focusing on delivering our customers the highest standard service levels.

On top of that, we are also very focused on maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction. We are constantly challenging ourselves, ensuring our team has the right tools and maintaining an ethos of continuous development across the business. We truly believe that looking after our people, making them feel comfortable and safe, creates an environment where they can thrive and really see tangible progression and growth opportunities. This translates into the best possible service to our customers and clients.

In-depth building management knowledge and innovation

It has always been essential to us to bring the people with the right expertise and the right attitude. From day one, we immerse them into our culture, values, and way of working. We are extremely honest with one another; we critically assess everything that we do and are continuously looking to improve, revising processes in place, and utilising all kinds of cutting-edge technology.

Growth and sustainability

Our portfolio is rapidly growing; we are winning new business and retaining existing customers. I think this largely comes out of the fact that we care about our customers. If you check our Feefo reviews, you can see the majority come from existing customers; proof of this is that we still look after the first block we ever managed (over 12 years ago).

We care about growing the business and a fundamental part of our growth strategy is aligning the growth for the company with the growth for all our talented people. There is symmetry here, personal growth and self-improvement creates value for the company by improving service to the customer, the customers reward us with reviews and referrals that help grow the business. Company growth creates promotion and career advancement opportunities for our people, and we (in turn) always look to promote from within. It’s an aligned ecosystem that means everyone is on the same page, working together towards the same goals.

We truly believe our culture and the investment in our people is what really sustains it through each stage of our evolution. So, it is a learning process, and I think that is the big motivation for me is that PBM is a long-term vision that includes all the people here and all our customers. Seeing our people progress through the company and giving that continuity to our customers is really great to be part of.

Clear and effective communication process.

We have various mechanisms to deliver a clear and effective communication process. The main one is our frequent newsletters, to keep all our customers updated with what’s going on with their development and a financial overview (in terms of what the year to date looks like). On top of that, we promote resident associations, have regular video calls, and maximise the use of our customer portal. In addition, we are now looking at creating content such as newsletter videos that are a great way to communicate with customers and give a more human feel.

We have a solid foundation, built over the past 12 years, and are now going from strength to strength to build on this platform. Our vision is to maintain this growth, keep the high level of service our customers are used to and add the latest trends and technology to make the customer journey an even more amazing experience.