pbm has happy customers who want to share it.

7th October 2021

We are delighted to share our unique propositions through the reviews of our customers.

Sometimes it is challenging to get the point of difference when you play in such a competitive environment as the property management industry.

In our search for differentiation, pbm chose transparency and service excellence. It is easy to talk about these attributes and say that our company has a unique selling proposition. However, for pbm is not enough just to say it; we wanted to demonstrate it. So we decided to start by implementing an honest and recognized Reviews Platform with clear objectives: to understand first-hand what our customers think of us and what they care about, be transparent, improve the customer experience, build solid relationships and most importantly, improve on the comments received.

For this reason, we chose to work with Feefo.com, a leading global customer reviews and insights platform. Its mission is to empower brands to fully understand how their customers experience their product or service. Feefo also creates trust between consumers and businesses by adopting a unique approach to collecting verified reviews from real people.

In an industry where our primary focus is problem-solving, making such a decision is very brave and risky. The vast majority of companies in the industry do not use this review system, but we wanted to provide this point of honesty and transparency compared to other companies.

So we opened Pandora’s box and asked our clients to talk about us openly regardless of whether it was good or bad. We think criticisms would help us improve and grow and the good comments to understand what clients valued the most.

The best part came when we began to receive waves of comments from our clients, congratulating us, thanking us for the service received, feeling relieved to work with a company like pbm that solved their challenging situations efficiently, quickly, with personal treatment and the most important with a smile.

The result of Feefo.com is a score of 4.9 out of 5 in customer satisfaction levels. We receive an average of 8 reviews with 5 stars per day. We have been three times winners of the Feefo Platinum Trusted Service awards give to businesses that have achieved the Feefo Gold standard for three consecutive years or more. We not only say that our customers are satisfied with our level of service, but you can also check it on our public pbm Feefo page.