pbm is committed to sustainability.

15th October 2021

4 simple ideas to get your office more sustainable.

Sustainability is one of the biggest concerns of the decade; people are making more environmentally-friendly choices in their day-to-day lives. The corporate world has been quick to mirror this with sustainable office ideas that aim to reduce the carbon footprint of individual companies. However, sometimes it is as simple as starting with small changes and becoming habits that have long-term effects.

At pbm we are concern about being more environmentally friendly. With the aim of improving our day to day environmental approach, we are running some initiatives:

1. We recycle as much as we can.

Recycling is the most obvious way to reduce the amount of office waste ending up in a landfill. This past July, our engagement team ran a recycling competition to start reducing our plastic waste. The initiative was a complete success, and the competition became a permanent recycling programme in the office.

2. pbm combat deforestation through eating fresh fruit.

We provide baskets of fresh fruit every week to encourage healthy habits among our team. Our fruit supplier is the Fruitful Office. This company plants one fruit tree for every basket they deliver. This is our contribution to combat deforestation and offset CO2 emissions. Learn more about this fantastic initiative here

We also promoted the idea through a specific training of properly planning meals, cooking with ingredients on hand and storing and freezing food to make it last longer to reduce food leftovers.

1. pbm get to the root of sustainable office ideas.

We display some indoor plants in our office. Modern office buildings seal in air and can contain up to ten times more pollutants than the air outside – we use indoor plants to improve air quality by removing these harmful pollutants and stabilizing humidity levels.

4. Planet-friendly printing.

This is a small but significant sustainable office initiative about our office printing practice. When it comes to printing, pbm encourages staff to be mindful of whether or not something genuinely needs to be printed. For the paper left over, we use a supplier who helps us make the best recycling use of the office paper by sourcing eco-friendly companies that convert our waste into a reusable resource. At pbm we encourage our suppliers to send invoices electronically to remove some of the paperwork; this would reduce our company’s carbon footprint and improve the efficiency of the business.