The 5 Elements of a Great Place to Work

21st October 2021

Here’s a peek into our processes to help you create a truly great place to work

If you see, behind pbm scenes, you’ll find a real buzz of energy and enthusiasm among our team. Everyone genuinely wants to do the best job possible. Why? Because we’ve made pbm a great place to work! Everyone has the opportunity to learn new things, to be heard when they’ve got something to say and to be rewarded for a job well done.

1. Understanding Success.

What does success look like in a certain role? What skills can help you become more successful? A great place to work will provide a crystal-clear definition for each.

  • At pbm we offer on-the-job training courses.
  • We encourage and facilitate the way to get their industry accreditations done.
  • Our pbm management team develop professional career plans for employees.


When employees know what it means to be successful (and how they can get there), they feel empowered to show up as their best selves each day.

2. Cultivate an open Mentality

We encourage our people to speak up when gaps arise or when their passions can breed way to innovation. At pbm we give employees the freedom to chart their career plans within our organization.

3. Care as a core value.

At pbm, “caring” is the word most used to describe our company. — and it speaks volumes.

Employees in a high-trust culture, who believe they’re part of a caring workplace, are also 44% more likely to work for a company with above-average revenue growth. Our culture of caring has three principles:

  • pbm leaders take every opportunity to show their team they’re valued
  • pbm team care for each other and our customers.
  • The entire organization cares that their shared vision is realized.


4. Motivate and retain with No-monetary rewards.

The hard truth is that today, employees need more than a competitive salary to feel valued at work. They can find that almost anywhere. Comprehensive non-compensation, like regular recognition and strategic perks, are the new pulls for top talent. Here are a few practices we use at pbm, and within our customers, to ensure our team always feel valued:

  • “The star of the week” – a weekly practice where pbm team share their weekly wins and the winner is rewarded with a price as amazon, spa or dinner for two vouchers.
  • Weekly employee surveys through to ensure our company engagement levels remain high. Our latest overall engagement scored 8.3 on a scale of 10, with 91% of employee participation, showing an average of 8.2 points compared with 7.7 scored by overall industries.
  • We surprised our team with extra paid annual leave days. This year pbm rewarded their team with extra annual leave days for Christmas.


5. Stand for Something More

At pbm, we believe we can spark the change we wish to see in the property management world. As an organization, we go beyond profits to create a shared experience that our employees and customers are proud to champion.

This “something more” shows up in our mission, vision, and values, acting as a guide and adding value to our employee experience while igniting new business opportunities.